Joao Oliveira

4 03 2010

Joao Oliveira is a young Portuguese graphic illustrator and designer. His amazing work is made of geometrical shapes and strong colors.


Dan Luvisi Vector Artwork

3 03 2010

Dan Luvisi is one of the most talented digital painters in the world. His artworks are so impressive that it’s difficult to imagine that it’s done by human hands.

Jeremyville Vector Illustration

2 03 2010

Jeremyville is simultaneously an artist, a project and a brand. Jeremy Andrew, the Australian illustrator behind Jeremyville, writes books, creates poppy animations, designs toys, paints 70’s psychedelic murals or produces cartoon art goodies for his Jeremyville label and store.

Supercinq Vector Illustration

1 03 2010

Supercinq is a Parisian illustration, graphic design and art direction studio. The impressive vector art portfolio of the 4 (!) founders is a good example of human synergy. They create concert and theater posters and feel at home in advertising, record sleeve designs, corporate visual identities…

Vix Graphix Vector Illustration

26 02 2010

Vix Graphix is a designer from Shangai who is specialized in character design. He created characters like a roaring bear, comic-style Tsunami, monster or police beavers.

Tokyo Candies Vector Artwork

26 02 2010

Tokyo Candies is Rubens Cantuni, an art director from Italy. His illustrations are inspirited by manga, anime and Japanese video games. He also likes Indian, Chinese and South-East Asian culture but his biggest passion stays Japan.

Loguy Vector Artwork

23 02 2010

Loguy is a French illustrator who expresses his imagination through his art. Every time you look at one of his vector artworks, you can discover a new story. His entire vector art world is about the power of imagination.